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Now open at 11565 Philadelphia Road in White Marsh, just 3.3 miles from Campbell Blvd.

LEMON COCONUT Lemon cake with lemon filling, iced with coconut buttercream
​LEMON OVERLOAD Lemon cake with lemon filling, iced with lemon buttercream
LEMON RASPBERRY Lemon cake with raspberry filling, iced with lemon buttercream

MUDSLIDE Chocolate cake with Kahlua flavored filling and buttercream
NUTELLA Chocolate cake filled with Nutella iced with Nutella buttercream


CARROT CAKE Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting* (raisins and/or pecans, optional)
CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRY Chocolate cake layered with cherry filling with chocolate buttercream
CHOCOLATE LOVERS Chocolate cake, with chocolate buttercream
CHOCOLATE WITH VANILLA  Chocolate cake filled and iced with vanilla buttercream
COCONUT Coconut cake with coconut cream filling and coconut buttercream
COOKIES & CREAM Chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling iced with vanilla buttercream
DIRTY BANANA Banana cake with chocolate buttercream
GERMAN CHOCOLATE Chocolate cake with coconuty, pecan goodness

APPLE PICKIN’ Spiced apple cake with vanilla buttercream
BLACK BOTTOM CAKE Chocolate cake with cream cheese and chocolate chips, with cream cheese filling, iced with vanilla buttercream and chocolate chips
BLUEBERRY LEMON Lemon cake with blueberry filling and vanilla buttercream
BOSTON CREAM Vanilla cake with pastry cream filling, and chocolate buttercream
BUTTERFINGER Chocolate cake with fudge filling, vanilla buttercream topped with Butterfinger candy
CANNOLI Vanilla cake with cannoli filling iced with vanilla buttercream with chocolate chips
CARAMEL APPLE Apple cake iced with caramel buttercream
CARAMEL DREAM Vanilla cake filled and iced with caramel buttercream


Any of the flavors on our menu can be used to make your cake, cupcakes or bonbons.

 Tues/Wed 7:30am-4:30pm    Thur/Fri 7:30am-6pm    Sat/Sun 11am-3pm

   ​11565 Philadelphia Road, White Marsh 21162

410-668-7429    TheYummery@comcast.net